Chakra -Aligning pieces

there's a crystal available for your crown to your root! shop these pieces for your chakra aligning journey- bracelets with beads ranging from 6mm to 10mm and genuine jade band rings.

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Featured in a Video-Shoot

We featured in a collaborated video-shoot! The two talented business owners , Anaiyah & Destine’e , came together to produce ✨Anaiyah’s Destine’e✨ a cute spin on their names showcasing their talent and promoting their business. Anaiyah , owner of Beauty By A1, is a talented hair braider- catering her services in the Compton and Fullerton area. Destine’e , owner of Sincerely Destine’e , makes hand-made ,one of a kind ,chic couture. The ingenious creations from them both are limitless!! You can check them out on instagram . @BeautyBy.A1 , @SincerelyDestinee
Anaiyah’s Destine’e

Serenity’s Novelty

I’m gratified to collaborate with such a talented artist! Her ear cuffs make the perfect statement piece to any outfit; they’re each made to order. You can DM her on Instagram for any inquiries & Follow her along her creative voyage ! @Sx.r.nty

Serenity’s Novelty