Chakra Meaning

The “7 Chakras” are just 7 major energy points throughout your body; Starts with the Crown chakra making our way down to the Third eye chakra , Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar plexus Chakra , Sacral Chakra , and Root chakra. They are believed to be disks of energy that corresponds with major organs & nerves , that effect us physically and emotionally. For beneficial purpose the Chakras should stay open and aligned.



Crown  | very top of head - awareness

Third Eye | between the eyes - intuition

Throat | throat - communication

Heart | center of the chest - love

Solar plexus | stomach area - self-esteem

Sacral | right under belly button - creativity

Root | base of the spine- stability


Wearing a 7 chakra bracelet, and/or crystals bracelets corresponding with each chakra, is a good way to aide in keeping your Chakras aligned and open.