Crystal Bracelet Care

Crystal Bracelet Care

           Healing gemstones can absorb the negative energy in their environment  , so it’s important to keep them clean and charged; that way you can benefit from their healing energy.


          When you cleanse your crystal bracelet you are maintaining its healing power and cleaning off any built up negative energy.


       You can cleanse your crystal bracelet with running water (only those that are water safe) ; it will remove any and all unwanted energies

While holding bracelet under the stream of water (1 min.) you can bless the bracelet with positive vibrations by repeating an intent such as :  “Water cleanse this stone in order to bring out the highest and greatest good.”


     You can cleanse your crystal bracelet with natural sunlight (those that are safe in the sun)  by placing it in direct sunlight or in a windowsill. 10-12 hours.



      You can cleanse your crystal bracelet in brown rice. Fill a bowl with uncooked brown rice , and bury your bracelet beneath the rice. Leave put for 24 hours.  Dispose rice immediately after use ; as it has absorbed all of the energy you’re trying to rid of.

          You can cleanse your crystal bracelet with white sage. As you would traditionally burn sage ( if indoors have open windows so the negative energy can disperse) , move your bracelet through smoke of the sage for about 30 seconds. Add an additional 30 seconds if you feel your bracelet could’ve been holding on to a lot.


             You typically want to cleanse your bracelets once a week if you wear them everyday and about 2-3 weeks if you were them occasionally. Whenever you may be going through a challenging period or facing very intense negative emotions , cleanse your bracelet everyday.



          A Crystal bracelets power  works different depending on which hand it’s on


     The Left hand is the receiving hand - Yin hand ,  it absorbs the energy of the crystal and feeds it to the wearer


     The Right hand is the giving hand- Yang hand,  it releases the  energy of the crystal to your surroundings


       If you’re wearing a bracelet on your right hand , and switch over to your left hand, you will absorb all of the negative energy that bracelet may have picked up on; being that the left wrist absorbs energy from the bracelet. Follow one of the cleansing options before switching wrists.



       Even if your crystals are water safe it’s BEST  to avoid submerging your bracelet in water for long periods of time. The water can weaken the elastic that’s keeping your bracelet together : causing your bracelet to break.


A crystal bracelet may break for many reasons.

    1.  Water exposure weakened your elastic
    2. You have misalignments in your energy field
    3. It has created the balance you needed /reached its breakthrough



   When your bracelet breaks consider the following ; what happened as it broke? was the bracelet becoming looser and stringy ? what were you feeling before/as it broke? do feel that you’ve been fulfilled by the crystals power?


   If the crystal bracelet was one for protection it’s best you get a new protection bracelet ASAP!


        Depending solely on your bracelets energy alone and not seeking positive energy on your own ,can bring a toll on your bracelet/s and may be the cause of why they are continuously breaking. Crystal bracelets need time to recover from trying to balance negative auras. Harnessing your own positive energy through :

       -Practicing gratitude

      -Use positive words

      -Taking mental breaks when needed

      - Positive self-talk

    Can all help to lift off any extra negativity that your bracelet may be absorbing .










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