The Low Down

This brand is for the love of accessories and keeping a harmonious aura. Adding beauty to your physical and within , I want to spread my sense of style and peace to everyone I possibly can!

Let’s heal but make it stylish 🪄


I’ve always battled with wanting long extravagant nails while being active in activities that didn’t allow long nails. I too sometimes find my self in too much of a time bunch to spare 4 hours of sitting down to get them done anyway.. Press- on nails made me be able to continue my ventures and still have cute nails when I can! For the athletes , nurses, soldiers, mommies , everyoneee who just want the convenience of having those long extravagant nails applicable in minutes for the weekend away , night out , brunch ,  birthday celebrations + whateverrrrr else!


Dealing with a lot of different energies can strike an imbalance in your own. It’s important to stay protected-  I go more into depth about it all in my Instagram posts , which can also be found on Pinterest and here on the site if your look thought the menu options. I’ve picked out a great variety of my favorite healing and protection stones that I offer in the form of bracelets , ring and I’m working on making some anklets :)

-T. Aleese